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Corringham Cycles

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Tel - 01375 644067


TEL - 01375 644067

 Corringham Cycles is a well established Cycle Shop that has built up an enviable reputation since we 1st opened in 2001. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work an service.


what ever you are looking for in cycling we are sure we can supply it, fix it, service it. even mod it if you like. weather its road, off road, professional or occasional use. kids to adult, novice to pro's. we have a huge range of bikes, accessories and spares for all.


we have over 130 bikes on display in our show room ready to take away within 10min of us giving it its final safety check. with ton's of accessories and spares to pick from, witch when bought with a bike we normally fit all your extras FREE OF CHARGE wile you wait.


All our bikes come fully built and set up ready to ride out the door (unless you request it in a box but we advise you have it built professionally as we do not charge for this unless bought else where) and all new bikes sold that have gears and a wheel span of 24 inch and bigger comes with a 1st FREE full service (normally costs £55.00) to be clamed within 6 weeks from purchase collection date.


we do not offer any sort of credit. but we do have a pay scheme (otherwise known as Christmas club) but we do this all year round. where you can place a deposit of £20 or 10% which ever is the greater amount. and we will hold your model in stock with your name on it ready for collection. you get 3 months to pay your bike off INTREST FREE. you can pay as much or as little as you like along as its paid in full by the 3 month period. but if it goes beyond the 3 months then you will loose your deposit if you don’t want it no more or you will incur a storage charge normally £10 per week for as long as you need it. but if the storage charge becomes more then the bikes value you automatically loose your deposit and what you have paid to cover the storage charge, any left over will be refunded.


Non Collection Storage charges.

New bikes & bikes booked in for service or repair that are not collected by the arranged collection date or phone call will incur a storage charge after 1 week past the arranged date/phone call. This storage charge is £10 per week that passes after the arranged collection date. Once the storage charge reaches the total value of the bike or the 3 month deadline you lose your bike and we dispose of it how we see fit.


we are also part of the CYCLE TO WORK SCHEME and the BIKE TO WORK SCHEME. where you can buy your bike and accessories through your employer and pay for it with your wages before TAX witch can work out up to 45% cheaper then the RRP. for more info on this go to our home page at the bottom and click the links provided.


Other then that if there is anything you want to know or if you have any questions just give us a call and we will be glad to help  :)

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