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Corringham Cycles

Repairs & Serviceing


Mini Service - £45

for bikes with a wheel span up to "20" inch          Standard Service - £65, with hydro brakes - £85

without gears or gyro cables.

> Adjust chain + Lube                                   > Adjust & Tune Gears

> Adjust & Tune Brakes                                   > Adjust & Tune Brakes

> Adjust Headset Bearings                              > Adjust Headset Bearings

> Adjust Bottom Bracket Bearings                    > Adjust Bottom Bracket Bearings

> Adjust Wheel Bearings                              > Adjust Wheel Bearings (Greased if needed)

> True Wheels                                             > True Wheels

> General Lube                                             > General Lube

> Safety Check                                             > Safety Check

> Spares Fitted For Free                                   > Spares Fitted For Free


Super Service - £95, with hydro brakes - £110

Recommended  for bikes that need a lot of work:

> Standard Service    Plus                                  > Strip & Re-grease Headset

> Strip & Re-grease Hubs                                  > Strip & Re-grease Cables

> Strip & Re-grease Bottom Bracket                   > All Bearings & Cables Replaced as Necessary

> Strip & Re- grease Pivots                                  (all charges are exclusive of parts)


The prices below are a general guideline of prices charged. Labor costs can vary depending on the condition of the bike and how labor intensive the job proves.

Bikes not collected buy the arranged collection date will incur a storage charge of £10.00 per week. Any bikes not collected within 3 months of collection date will be disposed of.

We have the right to refuse jobs. All charges are exclusive of parts.


                                                            Repair price list:


Mini Service                          £45.00        Build & Set up & Service New Bike    £65.00

Standard Service                     £65.00        Fit Tyre + Tube Front                        £7.00

Super Service                      £95-£110        Fit Tyre + Tube Rear                           £7.00

Bottom Bracket Service           £15-£25        Fit New Headset                           £15.00

Wheel Hub Service                £15-£20        Fit New Forks                                   £25.00

Gear Service                          £25.00        Fit Handlebars                                     £8.00

Brake Service                      £25.00        Fit Single Cable + Tune                         £15.00

Hydraulic Brake Service            £35.00        Fit New Chain                                £8.00

Suspension Fork Service       £30- £60        Fit New Pedals                             £6.00

Rear Shock Service                 £15-£50        Fit New Wheel Front – Rear         £10 - £20

Headset Service                      £15-£20        Fit New Frame                                 £150.00

Replace Free hub                 £25.00        Fit Child Seat                                        £10.00

Replace Cassette or Freewheel  £8.00             Fit Computer – Milometer    £10.00

Wheel Build + True + Dish        £50.00        Fit pannier Rack                             £10.00

True Wheel + Fit Spokes      £20 - £30         Minor Fitting or Repair                 £5.00

Strip – re-spray - rebuild       £100 - £180    Pump Tyres                                  £1.00

how it all works

TEL - 01375 644067

Booking in - We work on a 1st come 1st serve basis. we only book your bike in for service or repair when you bring it in. we do not book it in over the phone as we can not determine an accurate estimate for a job as the price can differ depending on condition of the bike and how labour intensive the job proves.


Turn around - because of the way we book our repairs/services in our average turn around is a couple of days. but this all depends on how busy we are. winter months our average turn around is very quick 1 - 2 days sometimes the same day. as for the summer months everyone is on there bike so you could wait up to 14 days. but it all depends on how busy we are, how big your repair/service job is and if we are waiting for parts. if its a little job we normally squeeze it in between bigger services etc so you get your bike back quickly.


Late or non collection - any bikes not collected by the arranged collection date will incur a storage charge of £10 for every week that passes. and will continue to do so until the storage reaches the bikes total value or the 3 month dead line. after this it is up to us on how we dispose of your bike.

if the bike is held because of reasons of witch is not the customers fault e.g. waiting on parts to be delivered to complete the job then we will not issue storage charge until the job is complete and we have re-arranged a new collection date.

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